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Thendral-Serial -21-2-11 to 28-2-11

In this blog you will be watching videos of Thendral Serial from 21st Feb 11 to 28th Feb 11.

Charu and Thamiz's mother move along with their plan to separate Tulasi from Tamiz. Tamiz's mother scores over Charu in their plan to separate Tulasi and Tamizh. Lavanya's marriage is well utilised by her and she does many acts which puts strains on Tamiz.

Finally Lavanya's marriage day comes and when everyone is happy to go to the marriage hall Tamiz's mother plans and sees to it that Tulasi stays back. She tells that only Tulasi being the daughter-in-law of the house can shoulder the responsibility to see that the lamp in the pooja room never goes off and so she asks her to stay back and put oil to the lamp that is in the pooja room. Poor lady (Tamizh mother) she did not know then that this very act will stop the marriage of Lavanya.

Tulasi who stayed back on the advice of Tamiz's mother is asked by her friend to come along to marriage hall. Tulasi when going for attending marriage in an auto sees the rowdy who had tried to kill Tamiz. She gets down from auto and chases him.

After some fights with him police nab him and through him they come to know that the person behind the attempt to murder Tamizh is none other than Charu's father Veera Raghavan.

Police arrests him inside the marriage hall and Lavanya's marriage gets thrawted.

Thus also comes the end of Charu and Tamiz's mother's plans to separate Tamizh and Tulasi.

Charu on the other side joining with Tamiz conducts the marriage of Lavanya.

At hospital Tulasi fires her mother not knowing it is her mother. When you see some people you feel like hating them. And this is working out fine for Tulasi against her mother. A new enemity seed is sown.

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