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Athipookal-Episode-843 to 860

Manga who has taken shelter at Saroja's house in the name of Rakhee to espionage Saroja and to know the whereabouts of Panjali is under the verge of getting caught. Manga overhears that Panjali has been taken to Bihar by Gowramma. Karpagam advices Manohar to celebrate his birthday and company's anniversary in a grand manner to show everyone that he still loves Padma.

Manga overhears Saroja talking with Anjali and promising her that if Bhanu comes to her house she would cut her to pieces.

Manga becomes alert and is desperate to pass on the news when Bhanu herself comes over. Manga becomes frightened and tells her vanish since Saroja is after her. She helps her to escape.

Manohar decides to celebrate his marriage anniversay and does homa in a temple. Anjali coming to know of this brings Padma there and spoils the pooja.

Shekar vows to send Anjali to jail in the assault case that has been filed. He decides to contact the inspector regarding this.

Shekar tells this decision of his to Anjali and Anjali gets shocked.

Shekar and Manohar decide to prosecute Anjali in assault case and Manohar tells that he will engage a detective to trace out the whereabouts of Sigamani who is the prime witness.

Saroja gets the mobile number of Bhanu and decides to call her to her house for thrashing her. Saroja gives the mobile to Rakhee @ Manga and tells her to phone Bhanu, Manga pretends calling her and gives enough alertness for Bhanu to escape.

Anjali decides the assault case with her lawyer, gets scared when realises she could get 2 to 3 year jail and decides to sabotage the witnesses to get acquitted. She decides under any circumstances Sigamani should not turnup for giving evidence.

Shekar goes about in search of Sigamani. Anjali's lady assistant too goes in search of him and gets to know that he is moving around in a pathetic condition near Porur.

Episode - 860- 27 Apr 11

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