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Thendral-Serial - 1-4-11 to 8-4-11

Thamizh and Tulasi help in and charu's father is acquitted. The police come over to Thamizh and tell him that he should not have supported the accused and if any other police was in place he could have taken money and have closed the case.

Thamizh and Tulasi become dumb and they could not tell anything to the police.

At her home Charu becomes hysterical and cries aloud that she will kill Tulasi.

Tulasi's step-mother and his son come over to her house and blasts with words. When they leave Tamizh hits his hand to the door and hurts himself saying that he had done a great wrong borrowing money.

Nitish arranges four lakhs and gives it to Lavanya telling her to give it to Tulasi so that she can return it back to her mother-in-law. But Lavanya's mother in Nitish's absense takes the money from Lavanya telling that she knows when to give this to Tamizh.

When Tamizh mother abuses Tulasi's father Tulasi is unable to bear this and pours out everything about the ill-treatment that she did to her. Finally she also reveals the money given by Nitesh to Lavanya to settle the loan. It was the top moment to cherish but Tamizh mother escapes with Lavanya by going out of the house.

Thendral - Episode - 8th April 2011

Thendral - Episode - 7th April 2011

Thendral - Episode - 6th April 2011

Thendral - Episode - 5th April 2011

Thendral - Episode - 4th April 2011

Thendral - Episode - 1st April 2011


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