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Thangam - Episode - 451 to 460

Ganga's husband Selva as per doctor's diagnostic prediction is counting his last days.

Ganga prays for Goddess Skathi Amman to save her husband life, while her uncle Gunashekar contacts a witchcraft person to perform witchcraft on the collector so that he dies.

The withcraft man who has a vengeance against Ganga is more than glad to do witchcraft to bring trouble to Ganga and asks for a secluded place for performing his acts to create a spell and cause death to Ganga's husband.

Ganga fasts to Goddess Amman and vows that she will just drink water and sleep on floor until her husband gets cured.

She goes to Amman temple to receive Goddesses blessings and the witchman performs pooja to disturb Ganga's pooja.

Ganga with great difficulty reaches the temple. Gunashekar comes over there and in the arguments ensuing Ganga faints. Gunashekar leaves the place and Karpagam comes over there and takes Ganga inside the temple for performing pooja.

Ganga's father too is on a padayatra to Murugan temple his feet bleeds due to long walk. Jayachandran who also is accompanying him bandages the feet with cloth and they proceed the padayatra.

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