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Maharani - Episode - 346 to 350

Everyone is awaiting the phone call of Prakash. At the middle of night Thopias telephones Devaraj and teases him. He also engages some goondas to strike Prakash when he comes to marriage and vows to stall the marriage.

Next day Devaraj, Yamuna, Sandhya and Mahalaxmi go to marriage hall thinking Prakash will come for the marriage.

Anand, Sudha and her mother reach marriage hall. Everyone wait for Prakash and Anand sees Thopias there with his three goondas.

Meanwhile journalist Jyothi asks police protection to Devaraj's family.

Anand goes in search of Prakash and on the way meets Rani and pleads with her to release Prakash if she has kept him under her captivity. Rani tells that she does not know where he is.

Rani comes to the marriage hall to wish Maha. Suja tells to everyone that Prakash is not going to come and puts everyone to high tension.

Prakash finally arrives to the relief of everyone and becomes the groom. Thopias instructs his henchmen to escape as soon as he strikes Prakash. But Prakash throws a surprise to hall and marries Rani and so escapes from attack.

Maharani - Episode 350 - 7 Apr 11

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Maharani - Episode 346 - 1 Apr 11


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