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Athipookal-945 to 947 - 25-8-11 to 29-8-11

Episode-947 29th August 2011

Karpagam comes to hospital to enquire the condition of Panjali. A nurse tells the doctor that Panjali has come to consciousness. Karpagam, doctor and the inspector rush inside but after initial movements Panjali again falls unconscious.

Maha meets Anjali at the Jail. Maha tells her that the Quarry contract was given away by Padma at the last moment to Karpagam. Anjali asks Maha to arrange for Rs.5/- lakhs and give it to Gangamma.

Saroja is in confusion as to how to chase away the policemen who are standing in guard for Panjali. An associate of her buys drinks wrapped in a newspaper. Saroja happens to see in that newspaper an old missing advertisement of Bhanu. She hatches a plan to attack Bhanu who is in Karpagam's house and divert the police from the hospital.

Episode-946 26th August 2011

Padma and Maha come to the auction place and finds no one there. The staff there tells them that since Manohar is in the jail and his company has decided to take the Quarry lease to give him respect no one has come and have decided to give the lease to him.

Karpagam too comes there seeing Padma she tries to go back but Krishnasamy tells her to take part in the auction. The auction is called and Padma bids upto 1 crore which is not worth it. Karpagam stands up and tells Padma that the property is not worth that amount, she does not want to put her into further loss saying so she tries to leave. Padma gets up and tells Karpagam to keep the Quarry herself and leaves the place.

At the hospital Panjali gets slight consciousness, karpagam and Inspector go inside the room and await her to speak.

Episode-945 25th August 2011

Karpagam comes to hospital enquires about Panjali. Inspector tells that when he was about to take Panjali for Narco test somebody should have pushed her into the fire. Karpagam tells to find out the blacksheep first before making further plans.

Saroja calls up the mustache constable and tells him to sneak and kill Panjali. The constable tells her that he is now in charge of the station and he can't leave the station. He tells that there is full security in the hospital taking care of Panjali. Saroja tells him that she will somehow remove the policeman guarding the hospital. She tells him to be ready to go there and at least warn her that her throat will be cut if she reveals the truth.

Karpagam is informed that Padma too is getting ready for the auction of mining hill. Karpagam tells then she will not participate in the auction. Krishnaswamy explains her that the auction itself she is doing for the sake of Padma being in her place. And that Padma is doing the auction for the sake of Anjali. Moreover being an MD she only is eligible to participate in the auction.
Karpagam finally agrees to go to auction.

Maha brings in a big suitcase and open in the house it is filled with Rs.500/- notes. Padma asks Manga whether this 80 lakhs is sufficient. Manga says auction will not go beyond 80 lakhs.


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