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Maharani-456 to 459 9-9-11 to 13-9-11

Maharani-Serial-459 - 13th September 2011

Prakash goes to Mahalaxmi's house to give the documents and tell her to come next day to register office to register Devaraj Associates half share that he received from Rani. Yamuna meets him in the verandah and tells him to get out. Mahalaxmi comes out and she also refuses to take anything from him and asks him to go. Prakash leaves failed in his attempt to bring Rani from her hideout.

Prakash meets Sandhya and tells her about what happened in Mahalaxmi's house.

Kaliamurthy is called by Rani and he goes and meets her in a place sorrounded by rowdy elements. Rani invites Kaliamurthy and asks her father Muthu to bring in some drinks to him. Rani makes a deal with Kaliamurthy and tells him that if he joins hands with her she will give him 500 crores.

Kaliamurthy tells her that he will work for her from now onwards.

Maharani-Serial-458 - 12th September 2011

ACP Deva goes to his guest house shouting and calling the constable who was kept to watch Rani from escaping. He goes to each room and does not find Rani in her room. He searches further and finds the constable lying in a pool of blood on the stairs. ACP calls the ambulance and admits him to hospital.

Inspector Balaji angrily asks Kaliamurthy, where he has hidden Rani. Kaliamurthy shows innocence. By then ACP calls both of them, and they go to meet him. ACP asks Kaliamurthy who could have helped Rani to escape. He tells he has doubt on the constable who was put for watching her. ACP accepts it. Balaji tells ACP that some rowdies could have helped her to escape. ACP asks both Balaji and Kaliamurthy to round up all the rowdies and bring them. He sends Kaliamurthy and then tells Balaji to put a man behind Kaliamurthy to watch his movements.

Mahalaxmi asks Vikram if he had obtained the details of the person who has shown interest to invest in their company. Vikram tells that the person is busy and he would send it.

Mahalaxmi meets Prakash on the way and asks him where he has hidden Rani. Prakash teases her telling to accompany him so that he will show the place. He tells her that she is a great fool and does not know what is happening around her. Inspector Balaji comes at this time and tells Prakash that ACP wants to meet him.

ACP Deva shakes hand with Prakash and asks him if he is not disturbed for coming.
Prakash tells ACP that if he finds Rani he will personally bring her before them. ACP tells Prakash that he has called him for some other reason, he tells him to spread a rumour that Devraj Associates is running under loss. For that Prakash tells he is not going to do like that but he is going to do some other thing hearing which she will coming running from wherever she is.

ACP and Balaji watch him in enquiringly.

Maharani-Serial-457 - 9th September 2011

Maharani-Serial-456 - 8th September 2011

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