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Athipookal-957 Written Update 13th September 2011

Episode-957 13th September 2011

Padma starts thinking about the murder of Panjali. Maha enters her cabin room and sees Padma seriously thinking, she asks her what is she thinking so seriously. Padma tells her that when panjali is about to tell something to the Magistrate she has been killed by Saroja. Then she should have told lie in the court against her husband. Maha now starts thinking, if Padma starts thinking then it will be dangerous for Anjali, so she tells that Panjali would have called Magistrate to give statement on some other matter about Saroja to the Magistrate and not on Kidnapping matter. Maha tells her not to get confused which will be helpful for her enemies.

Maha comes and sits in her seat when Gangamma comes there searching for her. Maha takes her to a separate cabin room. Gangamma asks her money. Padma tells her to wait for sometime since she is finding it difficulty to get the money from Padma. Gangamma tells her that it is not her botheration and if the money is not forthcoming by night she will see that Anjali stays permanently in jail.

Maha sees things going out of hand and tells her that she will arrange money for her. Padma who comes out of her cabin sees Maha talking with Gangamma and asks her who she is. Maha tells her that she had come asking for sweeping job. Padma tells her in future not to take people inside cabin to talk.

Sigamani who is driving in his two-wheeler finds mechanical problem in his vehicle and it stops completely. He sees the tank but the petrol is full. A car comes near him and out comes Maha from the car. She teases him seeing his two-wheeler and tells him that Padma marbles would go to dust early enough. Sigamani tells her that very soon they are going to start work on the newly bought quarry and then Padma marbles will buy off Anjali marbles itself. Maha gets angry, she tells that she wants to go to bank and leaves the place.

At the temple old lady meets the Siddar who tells her that fate has taken away the life of Panjali but in the future she will know the reason and benefit that is derived from it. Padma's prayer will not fail and her end goal of uniting Manohar and Padma will be achieved.

(Tommorrow: The police may watch Maha withdrawing huge money and could trace out where the money is going and may arrest Gangamma and question her what for she has received 5 lakhs from Maha).


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