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Athipookal-958 Written Update 14th September 2011

Episode-958 14th September 2011

The commissioner calls up the station inspector and daunts him telling that he has failed to protect Panjali knowing very well that she has a threat to her life from Saroja. The inspector tells him that the incident happened when he went to bring in the Magistrate to the hospital. The commissioner is not satisfied with his answer and tells him that he suspends him and is handing over the case to the new ACP.

A police lady is disguised as a fortune teller and she visits a house, opens the gate and asks if anyone is there. The house lady comes and asks her to go out and tells her she is not interested to hear any predictions.

The police lady speaks on when the house owner comes there and asks her to go off. The police lady tells him that she has been sent by the God to tell fortune about their son whom he has hidden. She tells him that there is a danger to his life and if he wishes he can save him. The house lady then tells her to come inside and tells her husband that they will hear from her what she has to say.

The police lady enters the house and asks for water, when the house lady goes to fetch the water she fixes mini mike below the sofa. As she returns with water the police lady drinks the water and asks house owner to come and sit in front of her. She tells him that he should not waste time since his son is in danger and he should be shifted from his present place. She also gives him a thread and tells that it should be tied to his hand so that his life is not in danger. She takes money and then leaves. Outside the gate she fixes the headphone and starts hearing the conversations that is going on inside the house.

The house owner and his wife discuss themselves about saving their son. They then decide that he shall go in disguise to escape the watch eyes of police and tie this thread to his son.

The lady police hearing all meets her other police associates who had been waiting for her. She tells them that finally he is going to reveal the place where he is hiding his son.


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