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Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-311 to 319 5-9-11 to 15-9-11

In the below episodes you will find that marriage of Sindhu with Vijay will take place after a great suspense, and this too happens because of Bhairavi's grandmother's emotional threats telling that if he does not marry then Jogi Thankur, Damarai and others would commit suicide.

Vijay throught the marriage ceremonies is thinking only of the love relationship that Sindhu had with Veer, Bhairavi's grandma had clearly said that Veer and Sindhu have been loving each other.

Vijay compares his life with Sham Sher Singh his forefather and his love with Nandini. In the same way his story too is repeating. Vijay directly asks her if she had at least once told him that he loves her. Sindhu could not tell 'yes,' since has not said so. Vijay tells her that she had married him just because she is pitying him, and had accepted him because of her love she had with Veer. To prove it she shows the photos behind the screen where Sindhu and Veer are together. He tells that injustice has been done to him by not telling her love with Veer to him, she loves him truly. Bhairavi tells him that she had already written in detail in a letter. Vijay gets more anger only by this. He rejects her completely.

Sindhu finds the letter and the contents of it and comes to know that Bhairavi had changed the contents of the letter and played this trait in her life. Sindhu tells Bhairavi that she knows that she had gone to the extent of killing her by sending her lover. And then sending him to jail. Sindhu tells her that if she had wished she could have lifted the mask of Bhairavi but she waited for her to reform. Sindhu tells that she had thought by marrying Vijay Bhairavi could live happily but she had done this to her in return.

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-319 15th September 2011

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-318 14th September 2011

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-317 13th September 2011

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-316 12th September 2011

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-315 9th September 2011

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-314 8th September 2011

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-313 7th September 2011

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-312 6th September 2011

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-311 5th September 2011

Paatti's word ringers in the mind of Vijay, she had said that if he does not marry Sindhu then Jogi Thakur will commit suicide, Damini will commit suicide and Sindhu will commit suicide. So silently he walks to the marriage mantap without speaking like a robo. Jogi Thakur takes him to the mantap when Vijay goes the other way. Jogi removes his shoes but Vijay tries to go with his shoes Jogi stops him confused and asks him to remove his shoes. Divya asks Damarai to bring in Sindhu.

Sindhu asks her mother if everything would be alright. They recall their earlier situation when Bhairavi snatched her right to marry Veer.

As Sindhu comes down the steps Veer sees her and Vijay watches how Veer is reacting.

At the mantap Divya gives the garland to Vijay which Vijay does not take but is in his own world. Everybody look one another, Veer supports his hand to receive the garland and then supports his hand to put the garland to Sindhu. Vijay sees the hand of Veer which supports him and thinks that in actual Veer is putting the garland. All the gathered people smile with happiness as the garland is put but not Damarai, Umed Singh and some who feel something fishy.

Its Veer goads Vijay always for further actions which he does like a robo. Vijay recalls the joint photos of Sindhu and Veer and sees Sindhu, Sindhu seeing him smiles back.


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