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Sindhu Bhairavi-309-310 31-8-11 to 2-9-11

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-310 2nd September 2011

Bhairavi suddenly gets the doubt what if Vijay refuses marrying Sindhu and gets shaking. She knocks the door finding no response opens the door and finds Vijay standing there with anger seeing those photos.

Bhairavi calls Vijay downstairs but Vijay yells that he will not come and sit in the marriage hall.

Bhairavi's grandmother steps in and tells him that everybody are waiting downstairs. How dare he tells that he will not come. She tells him that Sindhu had brought him out from his hell of a life and he should not do that to her. He should not ask Sindhu's past life. She tells him before going downstairs to know this. She tells all the family members know about Sindhu's past life what he would tell them. Will he tell that Sindhu was once the lover of Veer. If you refuse to marry, there will be suicides, Sindhu, Damarai and Jogi can never digest this. If you refuse the marriage maybe even your mother!? No, I cannot bear this. She tells him to wipe out Sindhu's past lives. She tells him that Veer was better than him he love Sindhu better than him. He did not doubt her. She instigates him more to marry Sindhu but puts words which brings hatred towards her.

Bhairavi gets frightened what if Vijay stops the marriage. Vijay moves along thinking all the flashbacks when they both met and when met Sindhu. Everybody in the hall see the change in his face and walk.

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-309 31st August 2011

Note: Since Youtube account has been removed written updates are given below.

Veer tells Vijay to go with Bhairavi only and he stays back. Bhairavi takes him to the special room where everything is arranged by Pushkar for him to get shock. She takes Sherwani from Vijay and gives him another dress to wear. She then keeps her face wicked having done something successful.

vijay closed the door or the room and sees Sindhu's and Bhairavi's photo. Sindhu with her mother. Takes a book named Periodic Table and finds childhood photos of Sindhu's. He is enjoyed the time inside the room.

Bhairavi is waiting outside to know the result of her plans. Veer hears some sound and broken glass pieces. He goes near it and finds some photos behind the screen. As he pulls off the screen he is shocked to see Veer and Sindhu's photo together. There were many photos showing them standing close. It was clear that they had some relationship. Vijay gets angry.

Bhairavi thinks that she is doing all this so that Sindhu never gets the love of Vijay just like she is not getting the love of Veer. Suddenly she thinks what she would do if he refuses marriage.


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