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Maharani - Episode - 341 to 345

Devaraj's friend contesting the case himself on behalf of Devaraj looses the case for him against Rani by not producing valid documents and witnesses. He also loses the criminal case against her for attempt to murder him.

Rani is declared the worthy owner of the huge 2000 crores of property belonging to Devaraj. Rani for some reason goes into a thoughtful shell and decides to stay alone in a separate guest house.

Rani calls her real mother to her house. Rani shows changes in her attitude and tells Mumtaz that Devaraj will continue to look after Dev Associates. Prakash who was missing after the court verdict telephones and affirms that he will be there for the marriage at the right time. Rani sends her real mother to Sandya's house.

Devaraj, Yamuna and Anand come over to Sandhya's house and convey the message that Prakash is coming over on 7th at the right time to marry Mahalaxmi.

Maharani - Episode 345 - 31 Mar 11

Maharani - Episode 344 - 30 Mar 11

Maharani - Episode 343 - 29 Mar 11

Maharani - Episode 342 - 28 Mar 11

Maharani - Episode 341 - 25 Mar 11


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