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Phulwa - Episode 16 to 30

Phulwa serial shown in Colors TV centers around Phulwa character.

Marriage preparations of Champa is in full swing with the village people, Sr. and Jr. Thakurs and Ammaji, Thakur’s mother gathered at Mangroo’s courtyard.

Phulwa teases Champa asking her if she has seen him and what if he looks awkward. Then she places a mirror for Champa to see through it. People sing their village songs apt for the marriage occasion.
The bridegroom is brought and she puts the garland to the groom.

Chunni sees some small packet falling from the hand of Sona. Sona with guilt fully written on her face lifts it up and sneaks inside the room where eatables and prasadam are kept. Chunni feels something sticky and informs Phulwa.

Sona inside the room is busy mixing the powder in a rice prasadam.

Phulwa comes behind and watches silently of what Sona is doing. She calls her out and Sona is stunned but tries to rebook Phulwa.
Right at this time Hemavathi happens to come by and Phulwa tells her Sona is not a good lady and right from the start she has been performing some mischief or the other.

Hemavathi tries to eat and see if really something is mixed when Phulwa stops it and asks to eat it. Sona agrees to eat the prasad and picks up a small portion with trembling hands. Phulwa and Hemavati look at her intently. Sona closing her eyes puts the prasadam in her mouth.

Phulwa with the help of her dacoit friend is able to get her land back and her father buys seeds to sow.

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