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Mukti Bandhan - Episode - 1 to 10

I.M. Virani is the central character in Mukti Bandhan. He tells that he has come to this riches having just one rupee. He is very confidence in his business. Ishwarlal Motilal Virani is from Mangrol, Gujarat. He becomes the fourth richest industrialist of India. Success brings out egoistic tendencies inside him. He does not like defeat and has no love or emotions towards his wife Charulata. For him it is only money. He has two sons ‘Vaibhav Virani and ‘Sidharth Virani’ and a daughter ‘Nirali Virani’.

His egoistic tendencies and winning tendencies makes him to bid a government property for a huge sum of 550 crores which property is worth only 450 crores.

He bestows confidence in his eldest son in business. Siddharth Virani the youngest son is soft spoken.

Charulata has helping tendencies and runs a old age ashram where aged people who are thrown out of their house find solace.

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