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Mukti Bandhan - Episode - 11 to 30

I.M.Virani's family is celebrating the kite festival with great enthusiasm when Virani comes over there. Virani's father who was singing is perplexed to see everyone standing up during his singing and then knows that the standing was due to the incoming presence of Virani.

Virani asks his man to open the card board drawing where you find a big building. Virani says it is for Sona who had aspired to become a teacher and is appointed in a school. Virani does not want her to work under someone and hence he asks to run a school in the building shown in the picutre. Everyone is happy and sad.

Vaibhav Virani is still unsuccessful in vacating the basti and making way for hotel constuction there.

Charulatha visits her old age ashram and gives sweet to the people there. She finds everyone flying kites and enjoying life.

Meanwhile Siddarth Virani is asked by his father I.M. Virani to prepare list for bidding. Right at the same time his opponent is also in the business to bid for the same and outwit I.M. Virani.

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