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Phulwa - Episode 1 to 15

All the villagers have gathered near a Kali Temple. A calf is kept ready for the sacrifice to Kali.A childish girl Neha is also one among them watching and she is sorry for the calf. She wonders why it should be killed when it is also one of the creations of God.
The villagers chant the name of Thakur Charandas, who comes bare-bodied to the temple. The girl sees him lifting a sword, carried by his follower in a silver tray, and is about to strike, when a huge sound is heard. The girl closes her eyes and when she opens, she sees the calf alive but the Thankur has been shot dead by a bullet. A group of men with rifles in their hands, have taken control of the whole area.

The leader of the dacoits then orders his men to find the other members of the Thakur family, and not to harm the old, women and the children.

And as the other men go about in search of the Thakur family a lady walks through and standing nearing the body opens her mouth and leaves out her tongue like a Kali. And then she cuts off the rope tied to the calf. At this Neha is overjoyed.

In the flashback, Phulwa in her young days was born in a poor family. Her father is just returning from city with the Thakur family and she goes to receive her father.

When the Thakur and his son are about to get off their boat, Phulwa's Father calls out. The younger Thakur slaps Phulwa's Father, saying how he ask for money when his Grandmother is ill. Phulwa and others are stunned. . Phulwa's Father tells them that they have left back the rifle in the boat. Phulwa gets back the rifle and hands it to the Thakur. The Thakur stares the girl.

Phulwa's father is denied his share of land and Phulwa prays to God for justice.

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