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Pirivom Santhipom-Serial-43 to 47 - 6-6-11 to 10-6-11

Revathi often hears a murderous frightening shrieks from the opposite house and is curious to know who is crying in such high pitch.

She often opens the window and sees if she can find someone and then shuts it. When she passes by in front of the house she hears a melodious music coming out of the house. This music she now starts hearing from the house many times.

The old lady Dhanam's mother telephones Revathi and tells her that she should never forget to call up sharp at 5 O'clock daily. After she leaves Sangeetha comes there and redials and finds the number displayed there is of the old ladies house at Tiruchi.

Sangeetha sets out to Tiruchi and keeps a watch on the house to find out who is residing there by making purchases and sending provisions to that house.

Sangeetha sees Revathi coming out and receiving the provisions she smiles to herself and returns silently.

Jyothi is too worried not seeing Revathi and so is her father. They call up Revathi and hear from her that she is unwell and will be present at the marriage in the morning.

When everyone reaches the marriage hall Jyothi refuses to sit in the pandal but under force of her mother she finally recinds and sits alongside the groom.

Sangeetha calls Revathi and tells that in the marriage hall Jyothi is not co-operating because of her absence and has locked herself in a room.

Pirivom Santhipom-Serial-47-10th Jun 11

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