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Maharani-Serial-391 to 395 - 6-6-11 to 10-6-11

Rani overhears Mumtaz speaking to somebody and also sees gun in possession with her but her pleading with Prakash that she has come to kill him falls in his deaf ears.

Rani finally goes to take the help of Maha and informs her that Mumtaz had come to kill Prakash and asks her to tell this to Prakash. Right at this time they hear a shrilling voice.

Topiaz had sent a second other person to finish off Prakash but in the dark instead of Prakash he had knifed Mumtaz. Rani, Maha and others rush hearing some noise and find Mumtaz struggling for life with splash of blood strewn all over the place, her face and body. She is admitted to hospital and Prakash gives his blood and saves her life.

Topiaz visits the hospital and tells Mumtaz that on police enquiry she should spell out the names of Mahalaxmi and Anand who left loose the goonda on her.

The police makes enquiry with Prakash, Rani, Maha and Anand. Then the police takes the statement from Mumtaz at the hospital.

Topiaz finds that the police are not arresting Maha and Anand so he goes back and scolds Mumtaz for not giving her statement against them.

Maharani-Serial-395 - 10th Jun 2011

Maharani-Serial-394 - 9th Jun 2011

Maharani-Serial-393 - 8th Jun 2011

Maharani-Serial-392 - 7th Jun 2011

Maharani-Serial-391 - 6th Jun 2011


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