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Thendral Serial-6-6-11 to 10-6-11

Dharma visits to Sundari's house and tells her that she withdraw the case against Bhuvana. Thamizh who comes to meet Dharma finds him inside the house of Sundari and also finds Sundari there. Sundari takes Thamizh separately and gets to know who Dharma is. She comes back and makes out a deal with him and tells him that she will not withdraw the case but will pay him 20% commission to his trust if he supports her.

The rowdy-sheeter who is arranged to throw acid on Thulasi accidently throws it on Pavithra who happens to come there to meet Tulasi. pavithra is hospitalised with burn injuries on her shoulder.

Thamizh doubts the working and dealings of Dharma and questions him. Dharma cunningly tells him that he needs lots of money to give it to so many needy persons. Venkatesh who had given loan to Thamizh comes there and finding Thamizh demands money from him. Dharma gives him Rs.18,000/- and tells him henceforth not to disturb Thamizh for money.

Tulasi telephones from hospital and calls up her family members to hospital. Padma who comes there tries to chase away Tulasi from there abusing her. Pavithra tells her mother to go away and that these things had happened because of her sins committed.

Padma returns home and receives a call from Vishwa's wife. She questions her if her brother is behind this acid attack. Tulasi's father who comes following her overhears this and asks her who is behind the attack. She narrates all that had happened and that Vishwa's wife and brother had come to meet her and had taken her photo. Tulasi's father Muthu Manikkam asks his son to call Vishwa. He talks in high tone with him and the result is he sends police to his house and they find drugs hidden in his house. The police arrest Muthu Manikkam and take him in a jeep. Mohan's friend who is watching all these passes the information to Viswa. He tells that as said by him, he hid the drugs in Mohan's house the police have arrested Manikkam and Mohan had gone to hospital and thus has escaped.

Thamizh tries to give complaint to police but is shunt out. Tulasi suggests taking help from Shyamala but Thamizh tells her that he will consult Dharma.

Muthu Manickkam is slapped at Narcotic Intelligence Bureau and is questioned about his network connections. When the chief officer leaves one of his collegue threatens him not to reveal the name of Viswa. The police comes to know that Mohan and his mother are in the hospital and they go to arrest them.

Dharma decides to take sides with Sundari and make money and he tells his decision to Thamizh who comes there. Thamizh tells him that he has decided to work for him.

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