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Athipookal-Serial-888 to 897 - 6-6-11 to 17-6-11

Gowramma arrives at Saroja's house, they both drink and go to sleep. At the middle of night Manga thinking that they are asleep takes her new mobile and calls up Karpagam. She tells her the arrival of Gowramma and that she could not get to hear and know the whereabouts of Panjali from them. As she prolongs her talk Saroja awakes and seeing Manga not in her bed she comes outside in search of her. Fortunately she ends the call right at the time Saroja comes there and tells her that she had gone for bathroom.

Karpagam passess the message to the police that Gowramma is leaving the next day. Police forms a team to follow Gowramma and then apprehend Panjali.

When everything goes as per plan Bell Bhaskar who happens to pass by overhears the police in disguise speaking and informing through telephone to the inspector that Gowramma has left in a car and police is following them.

Bell Bhaskar alerts Saroja and Saroja alerts her men who trick the police man following them and escape.

When the police finally accepts failure in their operation they receive one more call revealing Gowramma's travelling train name and seat number. The police then gets into act and two men are asked to follow her in the train. The police are then able to nab and arrest Panjali.

Manga is eager to know about the happenings and is awaiting a chance to call up Karpagam.

Anjali call up Saroja, alerts her and tells her to dig out the secrets of Rakhaee.

Karpagam receives a call from Manga and she asks to return back since Panjali is arrested.

Manga's almost succeeds in her efforts to leave Saroja once for all. Saroja who comes to know that Rakhee is none other than Manga catches with her when she is about to alight a auto. She brings her back to her house. Manga stands not knowing what to do. Saroja closes the door.

The delay in running off proved costly to Manga and Saroja kicks and beats her. Scolds her with bad words. As she thinks more of being fooled this along she pours the anger on her. Manga is taken to a secluded place, she faints not able to bear the beatings. Saroja tells to her goonda elements who have assembled there to kill her, tie a rock on her neck and throw her in the sea so that no one could get her body.

Dakshina Manga's husband waits near the temple in a happy mood to receive Manga and take her home. He waits and waits not knowing that Manga now is in the captivity of Saroja.

Anjali shouts through the phone on Saroja and Saroja says to her that by night she is going to kill Manga and throw her into the sea.

Saroja continues her kicks and beatings of Manga while Dakshina waits at the temple and Karpagam and parties wait in their house.

Saroja's associates inform Saroja that all preparations are ready to kill and throw Manga into the sea.

Rathna the associate of Saroja comes running and informs Saroja that Panjali has been arrested. A scare sets in on Saroja and now it seems her plan to kill Manga could get stalled. Bell Bhaskar tells her now to concentrate more on how to escape from police instead of thinking about Manga. Bell Bhaskar always had a soft corner for Manga, which continues still by his looks and talks and it seems he could turn out to be the savior of her in the end.

The inspector visits the jail and informs the arrest of Panjali to Anjali.

Episode - 897- 17th Jun 2011

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