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Thangam-Serial-496 to 500 - 6-6-11 to 10-6-11

All the players are given lunch in Porselvi's house. Porselvi's father J.K. takes Vetrimaran alone to the side hall and tells him to withdraw from the national team so that a person of his caste can go instead of him. He further tells him for this act of his he will be given enough money. Vetrimaran refuses to withdraw.

Vetrimaran is sleeping when Porselvi comes there knocking the door. She takes him outside.

Outside his house Vetrimaran is greeted by his friends and his birthday is celebrated right in front of his house. Right there she announces that she is going to marry Vetrimaran. She tells him, "I love you." Vetrimaran once again tells her that he will never love her. He tells her already he had failed in love because he is poor.

But Porselvi persists in her love.

Rama gets conceived and each one of the family is happy to hear this.

Ilavanji gets worried that she is not conceived while Rama has conceived. So she goes along with Karthick to a clinic for check-up.

Thereafter Karthick attempts many times to cohabit with Ilavanji but fails in it since circumstances plays havoc with him. Once while lifting Ilavanji his back gets sprained making him immobile. Another attempt fails since he falls on a knife which pokes into his buttocks. Yet another time a cracker bursts back of his buttock. Those were the comedy scenes

Thangam-Serial-500 - Jun 10 2011

Thangam-Serial-499 - Jun 9 2011

Thangam-Serial-498 - Jun 8 2011

Thangam-Serial-497 - Jun 7 2011

Thangam-Serial-496 - Jun 6 2011


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