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Thangam-Serial-501 to 505 - 13-6-11 to 17-6-11

Vandana plays hide and seek knocking the door where Selvakannan and Ganga had taken room to stay to enjoy their honeymoon. Selvakannan repeatedly comes out and finding no one returns back with frustration. He complains to receptionist and then goes to sleep.

Subbalakshmi tells that when Rama is pregnant the child's grandfather should not be inside jail.

Porselvi tells to Vetrimaran that her father would marry him to her if she tells her wishes to him. Vetrimaran says he will never accept for their marriage.

Karthick goes to Subbalakshmi's house to get a signature from her to get bail to Gunashekar.

The old foe of Ganga is in disguise of a Sardarji. He in the name of helping Ganga's car becomes a driver to them and drives Ganga and Selvakannan in their car.

Porselvi overhears her father trying to marry her to some other person so she decides to ask Vetrimaran to immediately come over and seek her alliance with her father.

Porselvi while watching the recorded version of the Kabaddi match suddenly sees in the video, his daughter telling I love you to Vetrimaran.

Thangam-Serial-505 - Jun 17 2011

Thangam-Serial-504 - Jun 16 2011

Thangam-Serial-503 - Jun 15 2011

Thangam-Serial-502 - Jun 14 2011

Thangam-Serial-501 - Jun 13 2011


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