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Thendral Serial-13-6-11 to 17-6-11

The police come to the hospital in search of Padma and Mohan. Thamizh hides Padma in an adjacent room. After the police leaves he asks her to come to his house.

Lavanya asks her husband that whether the micro-oven could be given to her mother. He says yes. Later the servant comes and takes the micro-oven, Lavanya pounces on her. Then her mother-in-law comes and scolds her for having interfered. The servant lady then takes the micro-oven to her house.

Lavanya in an angry mood rushes to her mother's house and gets bad advices.

Thamizh takes Padma to his house to hide her there. His mother comes there and gets into fight with Padma and asks Thamizh to chase her out of the house. Thamizh asks his mother to first go out of the house. As she leaves he locks the door keeping Padma inside and goes out.

Mohan in order release his father from police custody goes to Vishwas house and he asks him to smuggle drugs to Chennai as a compromise. As he travels in the bus with the drugs he is tempted in an uncontrollable manner to intake the drug. When the bus stops for refreshments he takes a packet of the drug goes to the toilet, intakes it and falls fainted. Viswa's informer and the person who followed informs this to Viswa and he tells him to leave him and deliver the drug to the party.

The police torture to Tulasi's father ends by the intervention of Laxman, the doctor who is none other than the person living with Tulasi's mother. The police inspector gets to know about Viswa, his drug activities through Tulasi's father, releases him, and asks him to see his daughter who is in hospital.

Thendral - Serial - 17th Jun 2011

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Thendral - Serial - 13th Jun 2011


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