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Nadaswaram Serial - 295 to 299 - 13-6-11 to 17-6-11

Gopi's father and his uncle have a long walk and discuss about the family matter. Vanitha and Kamu come to Gopi's house and Gopi's mother gets overjoyed seeing her talkative nature. They also come to know that the marriage between Gopi and Vanitha may not break.

Maha is brought to Gopi's house by her parents and they tell she will remain here and marry Gopi.

Nelli Andavar i.e., Murthy's father goes to see his brother who is ill. He finds him living in a hut in a very poor condition. His brother on seeing Nelli Andavar is overjoyed, he tells that after marrying second time he has failed to look after his family and is bed-ridden. He introduces his second wife and daughter.

Nelli Andavar admits him to a hospital where the doctor gives two days time for his life.

Pandi pleads his mother to bring back Maha to his house. So she goes to Gopi's house and pleads with Maha's mother to allow Maha to stay in her house and she promises that if Maha wishes she can marry Gopi. Maha is brought back to Pandi's house.

Nadaswaram-Serial-299-17th Jun 11

Nadaswaram-Serial-298-16th Jun 11

Nadaswaram-Serial-297-15th Jun 11

Nadaswaram-Serial-296-14th Jun 11

Nadaswaram-Serial-295-13th Jun 11


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