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Uttaran-Serial-626 to 635 - 13-6-11 to 24-6-11

Uttaran-Serial-635 - 24th Jun 2011

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Mai tells to Umed Singh that the bangle that his mother had given her is missing.

Jogi asks Damini to close the room door and tells her that he is going out of station and understands that nowadays there are more and more of abuses on her in the house.

Damini tells him that sometimes for unknown reason she is afraid of something. Jogi tells he has left everything to God and whatever he does he will do right. He tells that he has left cheque in her name. Damini tells him that she does not need any money and she thinks that half money she will write to the name of Taps children and half money to Ichchha's children. As she leaves the room Divya sees her and as Jogi too leaves the room Divya's suspicion grows.

Veer brings some money and asks Ichchha to keep it safely. He goes to freshen up and returns. Ichchha who is keeping the money in cupboard accidentally drops down the bangle that she had taken out from the box which was kept during Tapasya's function for her.

Veer sees the bangle and acts like not seeing it.

At the middle of night ichchha finds Veer varnishing the cradle. He tells Ichchha that he and Vansh had slept in that cradle when they were child and now he wants his child to sleep in it.

Ichchha gets worried and tells to herself what will happen when he knows that the child is not his.

Uttaran-Serial-634 - 23rd Jun 2011

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When Ichchha slaps Taps and leaves Tapasya stands there shocked with tears in her eyes.

Veer comes over and asks her what happened? Tapasya tells Veer, that nothing has happened between them and they are friends. She avoids her best to tell anything. Veer then tells that he will ask with Ichchha itself.

Tapasya now gets scared, if some real facts comes out she will be doomed. She tells everything that happened, the whole conversations but avoided telling that she had asked for sharing of Veer's love. Taps then pleads with Veer not to ask anything on this matter with Ichchha since it will spoil their friendship, they will sort out the matter themselves.

Nani calls up Divya and tells that Damini had given as gift real quality gold to Tapasya. She tells to keep a watch on her and Jogi lest she puts Jogi under her control and swindles all the money and leave her and her daughter in streets.

Tapasya is very upset on Ichchha who has not accepted her plan by which all the three of them could live their rest of life with love and happiness on one another. Nani tells Taps that Ichchha will separate her from Veer once the child is born. Tapasya gets shocked and embraces Nani and tells her she had been wrong in thinking that Ichchha still loves her and her friendship. She holds her ears and asks sorry with Nani and tells her whatever she had told is true.

Nani goes to hospital to get Tapasya's report and finds Rathore also asking for the report of Tapasya. She scolds him in front of others and tells him henceforth not to interfere with Taps life. Rathore goes off silently. He calls up Taps and tells her that now he knows that why her behaviors are bad. He tells about Nani and her behaviors.

Back at home Tapasya tells her Nani that henceforth if she sees Rathore anywhere she sould keep silent and not talk with him. He is the one who helped in releasing Veer.

Nani leaves and Tapasya tells to herself that Ichchha having rejected her offer to live with triangle love and friendship now it is too late and Ichchha, Tapasya and Veer cannot live together anymore.

Is this a omen saying that Tapasya is now going to become once more the villian in the life of Ichchha and Veer?

Uttaran-Serial-633 - 22nd Jun 2011

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Divya weeps before Jogi about the fate of Tapasya after she gives birth. Jogi assures her that he will take care of her.

Gunavanthi, Chanda, Nani and Tapasya are seeing the things that are given as gifts to Tapasya. Chanda takes a pair of bangle which looks to be for the would be born child very small one and enquires about who could have presented such a small gift.

Nani tells who else but Damani could have gifted it that too borrowing money from Jogi.

Tapasya takes the bangle and admires it and tells Nani that Damini nowadays is earning and she would have definitely purchased this bangle out of her savings. Tapasya kisses the bangle which shows that she respects the gift and gift giver.

Gunavanthi questions about bangle she had given to Tapasya. Tapasya tells that she does not know, at which Gunavanthi goes off angrily telling that she is irresponsible not to take care of her precious gift.

Some flash backs are shown as recaps.

Tapasya searching Ichchha finds her in the balcony tells her, that she has a solution for their problem. She tells to Ichchha that she will be the younger mother for the baby that is going to be born. They can share the love of the baby. They will live as friends as before.

She innocently asks with great expectations to Ichchha, since we both are going to be the mother of the baby and share its love why not share the love of Veer.

Ichchha maintains silence through out the conversations her thoughts and mind tries to read Tapasya of what she is telling. When Tapasya tells that they can share Veer's love she slaps her and leaves. Veer who happens to come just then sees this.

Uttaran-Serial-632 - 21st Jun 2011

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Veer and Umed singh get ready to go for office, Mai asks them why even today and then shows them the bracelet. Umed Singh takes that and is happy seeing that which is his mother's. Mai tells that was given to her when she was bearing Vansh and now she is going to give it to Tapasya. Veer accepts it and goes to office. Mai keeps the bracelet box among other things and as she leaves a mysterious hand opens the box and takes the bracelet.

Rathore meets Satya and Sanchi on the road side and tells them to forget about the revenge matters now that he has accomplished sending Veer to jail. He gives them passport and two lakhs rupees to start a new life. Satya and Sanchi accept the suggestions of Rathore and tell themselves that they shall now start a new life. Satya tells that he has to search a groom for Sanchi.

The function takes place at the Bundela's house and people start talking, Tapasya is the first wife of Veer now who could be the father of this child, Veer or someone else. After the birth of the child what will happen to her, whether she will look after the child or the other mother. These gossips affect Mai and badly affects Divya and she talks with Tapasya about her position after the birth of the child.

Back in the room Nani tells everything about the childhood days when Ichchha came to their house empty handed and then attracts the love of her father etc. Tapasya just happily sees those days and smiles. She recalls those enjoyable days. Nani further tells her after the birth of the child Ichchha will become the mother of that child and she will have no right on it. Tapasya looks towards Nani meaningfully and questioningly asking herself silently whether she would be deprived to be with her baby.

Uttaran-Serial-631 - 20th Jun 2011

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Gunavanthi in a happy mood makes arrangements for the ceremony. Ichchha who is putting Haldi on the feet of Taps tells her to tell the truth. Taps who was in a happy mood starts looking childish. She keeps silent, Nani comes there and asks her to take rest and she goes off silently and innocently ignoring the probing and urging looks of Ichchha asking her to tell the truth.

Ichchha tells to herself that this can't be left like that and in the night she goes to the room of Taps and switches on the light. Tapasya murmurs and tells, "Nani I am getting sleepy, put off the light." Ichchha calls her name and realising it is ichchha Taps gets up in the bed and welcomes her. Ichchha tells her that she agrees that she had done a lot of help to rescue Veer. But now she cannot wait and support her any more. She had sided her and told many lies during childhood times but now she cannot do that. Tapasya innocently and silently goes on listening showing slight changes of emotions in her face meaning she is acknowledging everything that Ichchha is telling. ichchha further tells that she will have to tell the truth, even if she does not tell the truth Rathore will tell.

Tapasya suddenly tells her, "Ichchha till yesterday when Veer was not there you had sided me and moved as a close friend. When Veer has come you are now asking me to tell the truth. I have told you that I will do whatever you say so, but I need some more time."

Veer comes and cuts their conversations. Ichchha looking continously on the face of Tapasya shakes her head slightly meaning she tells herself that this is not going to work. Ichchha and Veer then leave.

While going Veer asks Ichchha what is that going on between them, Ichchha refuses to reveal and Veer does not insist. Veer asks her why not they go for a ride and they go for enjoying the chilly night.

Tapasya stands before the mirror and rewinds her thoughts of what ichchha had told her when Divya comes from behind. She wears a chain to her leg and asks who had applied the Haldi on her leg which is so good. Tapasya happily tells Ichchha had applied it which goes to reveal that she likes Ichchha and does not hate her. But Divya gets upset hearing the name of Ichchha and tells her this day is hers and she should not take the name of anyone else even Ichchha. Veer comes there and gives her ear rings as a gift. Tapasya is happy receiving it. Divya is upset seeing that he has presented only ear rings and nothing more. Tapasya blankly goes on listening to what her mother tells to her.

Uttaran-Serial-630 - 17th Jun 2011

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Veer is sitting in his room and asks Ichchha if something had happened in the house in his absence. He asks about Rathore. Ichchha does not know what to tell about him when Tapasya enters the room with a juice to Veer.

Chanda comes and informs that Daddaji wants to meet Veer. So Veer goes to meet Daddaji downstairs leaving Ichchha and Tapasya.

Tapasya also is about to go when Ichchha calls her and tells her to tell all the truth.

Tapasya tells her it is not that easy to tell everything and as she gets an opportunity she would tell everything, It will take some more time.

Nani and Gunavanthi discuss to conduct Tapasya's child bearing ceremony. Divya has purchased some lavish gifts to give to her. She shows those to Pushkar and Damini.

Tapasya at her room removes her bangles in anger thinking about Ichchha's advice asking her to tell the truth. She takes the mobile to call up someone but throws it on the bed angrily. Veer is silently standing like a statue and shadow watching her actions. He asks her what happend, why she is so angry. Tapasya seeing him gets exited, happy, fright all together. Veer tells her that through Mai he came to know all about Rathore and promises her he will see that he never comes once more. Finally he asks her what gift she needs. She tells whatever he likes he can give. Veer leaves leaving Tapasya in highly intoxicated mood having talked with Veer. She tells to herself the gift that she likes is Veer himself.

Mai asks Ichchha to put Haldi on the feet of Tapasya and as she leaves she hears Mai telling Chanda who is holding two gold bracelet that these bracelets are their ancestors blessings and have been always kept during child bearing ceremony of the family. Ichchha thinks that Tapasya should not fool this family and she will now not allow this to continue and she should now tell the truth. Nani who comes there tells her not to waste time, Ichchha acknowledges it and tells her that Tappu also has to be reminded of this.

Uttaran-Serial-629 - 16th Jun 2011

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Tapasya soul goes on watching when Mai comes and embraces Veer. Tapasya's heart draws breath seeing another embrace. Nani comes near Tapasya's longing soul and Tapasya seeing her comes to this world and does a defeated smile towards her. Nani understands her feelings and takes her towards Veer.

Mai asks Veer how did this happen (she asks about his release). Tapasya's heart sinks once again (whether at least now he will see towards her and tell it was because of her).

Veer tells that it was because of Mai's blessings and Ichchha's faith. Tapasya feels ignored once again. She keeps her hands on her chest.

Chanda brings out a point. How did the release happen when the case was strong.

Ichchha thinks about what Tapasya had told her. Only Rathore who knows about Satya and Sanchi can help in his release. But she keeps quiet. So does Taps.

Umed Singh tells that after Rathore came there to discuss about this case something happened. Everybody see one another.

Veer sees everyone intriguingly and at last sees towards Tapasya. He took really a long time to see towards her. He goes near her and asks her..."How are you?"

Tapasya just feelingly seeing towards him says, "Fine."

"And baby!?"

Tapasya just shakes her head in affirmative, what else she can do.

Mai tells Ichchha to take Veer to room so that he can take rest.

And just as in an old film we see the heroine seeing his hero leaving we see two drops of tears coming down the eyes of Taps. Great feeling.

Comes Nani and puts the facts into the ears of Taps of how she had been running here and there to get Veer released. But this time the good she had become, Tapasya just ignores her and tells fluttering her rosy lips, "I am happy, Veer has come back home, what else I need." Inside her we see her heart showing some sadness. Tapasya thus leaves... leaving Nani staring back of her.

Jogi Thakur scolds Divya for not informing him about the groom visiting Bundela's family asking Taps hands. He tells because of her they have to put their heads down while he feels proud of Ichchha.

Damini comes there and Jogi passes the information of Veer's release and leaves the place. Divya talks bad of Ichchha and praises Taps.

Tapasya is passing her time in sad when she receives the call from Rathore. Rathore speaks out the heart of Taps as if he was present watching everything. Tapasya listens to what he is speaking in half-mind since she is yet to recover from the happy mood on the arrival of Veer and the sad mood that she cant't be with him.

Uttaran-Serial-628 - 15th Jun 2011

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(Must watch episode)

Daddaji, Umed Singh, Jogi Thakur and the lawyer are at the police station asking ACP Gauri Sharma to release Veer on Bail. She tells that if the accused accepts his guilt then she will see. At this time there comes Rathore and tell her, "Unless his guilt is proved don't call him an accused officer."

Rathore : I have come here to help law.

G.S. : Have you come here to discuss on this case.

R : I want to talk with you some important matters on this case.

G : Why should I talk with you? Are you related to Veer? A big lawyer? Or a big saviour?

R : I am the citizen of this country. Want to help Law. Is that a crime? As for relationship is concerned there is a wall between us.

G : I am sorry I can't understand.

R ; Shall we go inside and talk. Some matters are to be talked alone and before the court only.

All the five look towards him intriguingly.

The ACP takes him inside.

Umed Singh tells that Rathore once discussed with Veer about business. He talks about Rathore coming to their house as a groom. Jogi Thakur is surprised to hear this.

Damini calls up asks about Rathore but Ichchha escapes switching of her mobile telling that she has work.

Damini thinks that Ichchha knows everything and whenever she hides something about Tapasya from her then she lands up in trouble.

Back at Police station...

G : You mean to say everything is planned.

R : Very well planned and executed. Veer has been trapped/fixed into this.

G : But why?

R: Bundela family had done a wrong. Satya had to bear the punishment because of that and his childhood's life got spoilt. He was taking revenge because of this incident.

G : How do you know all this?

R : We are business partners. He wanted me too to be a part of his plan. But I did not like his way and thinkings.

G ; Mr.Rathore we need evidence.

R: I have seen lots of ups and downs in my life officer. I am a very cautious man. I felt that someday I would need this. Whatever me and Satya conversed it is recorded here...

Rathore takes a tape-recorder and plays. After hearing that conversation she comes out of herself and tells that Veer will get bailed. Rathore tells to keep everything secret since he is a business man and he will present his evidence in a court of law.

ACP then asks her Sawant constable to prepare arrest warrant on Satya and Sanchi. She comes out and asks the bail paper from the lawyer and tells that Veer will be released. He has been fixed in this case. Veer has to come to police station unless Satya and Sanchi are found guilty in this case.

Ichchha and Tapasya are dreaming about the return of Veer when the door bell rings. Both of them run towards the main door. Ichchha opens the door and finds Veer standing there. The bacground song goes on and on behind giving more emotional into this meeting. Tears flows in the eyes of Ichchha and she goes and embraces Veer. They be in that embraced position when Tapasya comes downstairs almost running forgetting that she is pregnant and stands still at the footsteps seeing them embraced. Two souls are already mingled and one soul just watches them with melting heart. Love wins. Tweet this and spread the love.

The background song ends and so today's episode.

Uttaran-Serial-627 - 14th Jun 2011

Written Updates and Video-Click here...

Uttaran-Serial-626 - 13th Jun 2011

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