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Maharani-Serial-396 to 400 - 13-6-11 to 17-6-11

Rani meets Topiaz who is angry on Prakash who had paid 100 crores to Highway company which were due. Topiaz leaves and while going the rowdy who had knifed and injured Mumtaz comes to meet him to take money. Topiaz gets afraid and takes him to a hiding place but before that Rani sees and comes to know that he is the attacker of Mumtaz. She secretly overhears their talking and comes to know he had come to kill Prakash. Rani gets angry on Topiaz. After the rowdy leaves she comes as though coming just then and tells him to do whatever he likes to do with Prakash.

Topiaz having got the permission meets Prakash in the road and stops his car. Her fights with him and rolls on the road. While doing so a car goes fast that way and crushes his right hand under it. Prakash admits him to a hospital.

At hospital police ask Topiaz if he as doubt on anybody, he says negatively. For once it looks that he has become a good samaritan just like we think Mumtaz could have become. Because both were hospitalised in critical conditions by Prakash. Topiaz tells the inspector that he wants to speak to him personally. He tells him that he will pursue the case and will find out who is behind this crime.

The doctor removes the injured hand since it may infect the whole body. Rani fakes crying standing before his bed. Prakash brings her out and there Rani tells him that it was she who was behind this since he had sent the rowdy to kill him. She tells Prakash that she had driven the car over Topiaz hand and the car can never be found.

Maha tells Yamuna that she is going to keep her name for her business.

Rani coming to know about the new business and its financier through Suja calls him and offers him bait of business and money. The financier asks for time and Rani threatens him. He gets furious and angry and says that before thinking of doing any harm to Mahalaxmi she has to face him first.

Maharani-Serial-400 - 17th Jun 2011

Maharani-Serial-399 - 16th Jun 2011

Maharani-Serial-398 - 15th Jun 2011

Maharani-Serial-397 - 14th Jun 2011

Maharani-Serial-396 - 13th Jun 2011


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