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Maharani-Serial-460- Written Updates 14th September 2011

Maharani-Serial-460 - 14th September 2011

Inspector Balaji meets the leading lawyer's junior at his office. He asks him about who is trying Anticipatory bail to Rani. The lawyer hesitates to tell it. Balaji tells him anyhow the file has to come to court and then it will come to light. The lawyer then tells that Rani's father Muthu is moving the anticipatory bail. Balaji passes the information to ACP Deva Narayanan. Balaji further tells that Muthu is now residing in an area which is occupied by deadliest rowdies. He asks ACP if they raid the place with a police team. ACP tells him that it would not be a good idea. Muthu has to be arrested without disturbing the area.

ACP Deva Narayanan goes to Prakash's house and enquires with Chinnaatha about her husband and his whereabouts. She tells him that she does not know where he is. So ACP tells her to go there and see, if she finds Rani and Muthu to inform him. He then receives a call from the commissioner asking him to immediately report.
ACP goes to the Commissioner's office and the commissioner serves suspension order to him for having kept Rani in illegal custody and then paving way for her escape and disappearance. ACP takes the suspension order and tells the commissioner that eventhough he is in suspension he would continue the work and will bring Rani before him. Commissioner tells him that all his moral support is with him.

Rani is in a happy mood at her hideout and tells to Kaliamurthy that if she had been outside she would have celebrated this. She pats upon herself for getting the suspension of Deva Narayanan. Kaliamurthy tells her that if she had been outside she would have been arrested and the ACP would have got appreciation. She plans further with Inspector Kaliamurthy to bring in quarrel between Mahalaxmi and Prakash's house through the help of Sujatha. She lays out a plan and Kaliamurthy tells he will lay out the road to achieve it.

Mahalaxmi feels sorry for the suspension of Deva and she tells him if some other one is appointed Rani would buy him off. As Mahalaxmi leaves Balaji comes there and informs that Kaliamurthy has a close link with Rani and there is a huge amount deposited in Kaliamurthy's wife account by Muthu. ACP tells Balaji to engage Cyber Crime department and trap all the calls and watch all the accounts of Kaliamurthy.

Sandhya comes to Yamuna's house and tries to tell about Prakash but Yamuna shuts the door on her face.

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