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Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-307-308 Written Update 29-8-11 and 30-8-11

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-308 30th August 2011

Note: Since Youtube account has been removed written updates is given below.

Vijay dances his way and comes to Jogi's house. Bhairavi, Rohini too dance along with Veer. Veer hides his sad. Hearing the sound Sindhu tries to the marriage procession when Damarai comes there and tells her that a bride should not see the
groom which is inauspicious.

Veer thinks of Bhairavi stopping Veer and taking money from him when he was coming adorned has groom in this same way.

Now Bhairavi stops Vijay and asks him to give her something to let him in. Divya interferes and takes Aarathi to Vijay. Vijay and everyone enter the house of Jogi but Veer stops near the doorstep.

Inside the house sweets are distributed. Damarai sees Veer standing near the door and takes him in understanding his feelings. Damarai tells him that whenever she prays God for Sindhu's well being she will pray for him too. Let God give him strength.

Grandmother and Bhairavi plan their next wicked things as song and dances are going on in the hall. The dancer girl who has been fixed pours some juice on Vijay's Sherwani dress. Bhairavi who was waiting for this takes him for changing the dress.

Veer comes in her way and Bhairavi feels that her plan is going awry. She tells him to take to a room beside Sindhu's which Veer does not know so he stays back.

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-307 29th August 2011

Note: Since Youtube account has been removed only written updates are given.

Vijay along with his brother and group dance their way and go to Jogi Thakur's house.

At Jogi's house Sindhu is well adorned has bride. Jogi and Divya greet sindhu. Jogi praises the beauty of Sindhu and tells her she has to prove that she is a good daughter of his and a good daughter-in-law. He gives her a land document telling that he has transferred the land titles to her name. He still remembers the bad night and his folly. He tells about the accident that he had committed in which Sindhu's father died. he is feeling sorry for it now. Sindhu asks him to forget that incident.

Sindhu tells she looks them has his God and whenever she gets any trouble she look towards them. She promises them that in future she will not do anything that will make them put their heads down. Jogi asks her to call him father for only once. Sindhu calls him so. He blesses her.

Vijay dances his way and comes to Jogi's house, Bhairavi too dances Veer puts a smiling mask on his face and comes along dancing.

Bhairavi's grandmother enters a vacant room and arranges on the sofa some 5 photos in which Sindhu and Veer are happily embracing each together with face to face touching.

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