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Nadaswaram-356 to 360 8-9-11 to 14-9-11

Nadaswaram-Serial-360 14th September 2011

Gokul tells to Gopi that all points to one thing and in the end Gopi's love with Malar will succeed. In the marriage of Gopi and Malar he will be giving divorce as their gift.

Gopi calls up Malar to tell this but Malar father lifts and phone and scolds him and Gopi cuts off the call. Malar's father calls up Gopi's father and abuses him and tells him to advice Gopi.

Pandi gives the photos and video CD of his marriage with Maha as asked by Maha's father. He takes those drouses that in kerosene and burns those in front of Pandi. Pandi gets shocked seeing the burning of the CD and the photos. Maha's father tells him that there should be no evidence left to say that he has married Maha hence he has burnt it. He tells now he will look for a new groom for her.

Pandi mother on her part tells that she too will look for a bride to her son and leaves.

Gopi's father is at the temple playing the Nadhaswaram as a prayer to God. Gopi comes there, his father tells him that Malar father had talked too much bad about them. He tells that very soon he will try to marry him off.

Nadaswaram-Serial-359 13th September 2011

Nadaswaram-Serial-358 12th September 2011

Nadaswaram-Serial-357 9th September 2011

Nadaswaram-Serial-356 8th September 2011

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