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Madhavi - Serial - 18-4-11 to 29-4-11

Aruna who finds her husband with Madhavi mistakes that he is in relationship with Madhavi and is cheating her.

Aruna goes missing and her husband goes in search of her and finds people telling that a body is found who seemed to have recently married.

Aruna decides to divorce Manohar and her mother believes that whatever she tells she will be adamant in her actions. She tells to her husband that they have spoiled her life in marrying her off by hiding about Manohar's love on Madhavi. Telling these she almost faints.

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Madhavi-Serial- 29-4-11

Madhavi-Serial- 28-4-11

Madhavi-Serial- 27-4-11

Madhavi-Serial- 26-4-11

Madhavi-Serial- 25-4-11

Madhavi-Serial- 22-4-11

Madhavi-Serial- 21-4-11

Madhavi-Serial- 20-4-11

Madhavi-Serial- 19-4-11

Madhavi-Serial- 18-4-11


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