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Maharani - Serial - 356 to 360 - 18-4-11 to 22-4-11

Thopias gives threats to Anand telling that the person who had lent loan to him is hospitalised hence his brother who is a Goonda in Mumbai has arrived to collect loans his brother has given to many.

Anand retorts telling that he will not beg for money with Rani.

When Anand is driving the car he sees a person desperately waving his hand and asking for a lift to go to hospital. Anand gives lift to the person but once inside he keeps a gun on his head, another person too arrive there and Anand gets kidnapped by them.

Suja goes to Prakash's house and tells Rani to instruct her person to leave her husband from their custody. Rani tells she does not know anything.

Prakash comes to Anand's house and asks his mother to accompany him to give a complaint to police. But his mother refuses. Mahalaxmi just then enters the gate.

Prakash puts his head down seeing Maha and then leaves. Suja abuses Maha and gets shocked when Maha slaps her (Maha's first real turnaround).

Maha and Prakash's mother give a missing complaint to Police Station. The inspector who was waiting for such an opportunity brings in and thrashes Thopias till he bleeds. He is locked-up.

Rani meets her goonda associate and asks about the well-being of Anand. Her associate tells that he is well and fine when the inspector arrives there in his police jeep.

Inspector takes Rocky into custody and through him knows that Anand was kidnapped at the instance of Thopias.

When the inspector is about to take action on Thopias D.S.P. arrives there and order the inspector to release Thopias and Rocky.

Anand is kept back in police custody until he settles the loan amount.

Maha tells Prakash's mother that she will arrange for Rs.forty lakhs for the release of Anand.

Rani telephones Suja that she is coming with the money to release Anand.

Rani goes alone to Police Station to give money and release Anand. Anand refuses to take the money and asks the inspector to produce him in court. He tells Rani that even if he gets hanged he will never take her favour.

Maha suddenly appears with a suitcase of money and gives it to the inspector to the shock of Rani and Thopias. She tells Rani that henceforth she will win at all times against Rani.

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