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Thendral Serial - 18-4-11 to 25-4-11

Charu visits Thamiz's mother's house and they both devise a new plan to separate Tulasi form Thamizh. According to the new plan Thamiz's mother should go on instigating Thamizh against Tulasi and drive her out of Thamizh life but do these things in such a way that Thamizh does not get any doubt upon herself.

Nitish and Lavanya arrive to their house and as they step in Charu's father falls on the ground and is hospitalised. The doctor advises the family to do a scanning of his head to know the real problem.

Thamizh with the help of his friend gets loans from financiers at heavy rate of interest which is unreasonable and unimaginable.

Thamizh's mother strikes her first salvo telling that all the trouble which Thamizh is getting is because of his wife Tulasi. Thamizh just falls into her trap.

Just when she is telling Thamizh that all the ill-fates are due to his marriage with Tulasi she receives a phone call from Lavanya's mother-in-law saying that as her daughter stepped in to the house of Charu's family Charu's father is hospitalized. And that all the ill-fates that Charu's family is going through is due to Lavanya's marriage with Nitish.

Thamizh visits the hospital. At the hospital Charu leans on the shoulder of Thamizh and cries catching hold of his hand.

Nitish father who watches closely the actions of Charu becomes confident that she is in love with Thamizh and what the doctor had told him is correct.

As Thamizh is returning from hospital he meets Deepa's father who tells him that Deepa has returned home without writing the exam. Thamizh feels guilt for abusing Deepa and putting her in this condition.

Thamizh decides to go to Deepa's house to console her and calls Tulasi to accompany him.

At Deepa's house he realises how close their friendship is and promises them that he will never interfere in their friendship and they can always be friends to each other. Deepa and Thulasi become very happy.

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