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Thangam - Serial - 461 to 465

Ganga's mother-in-law asks Ganga to show her hand. She sees that Ganga's hand has turned complete red with boils. She makes her husband who comes there to see her hand and she tells her that they go for seeing a doctor.

Ganga tells her mother-in-law that nothing need to be worry since always in her trouble she is being helped by some unknown force. She tells how she was rescued by a women at the temple when she fell drawing water from the well.

Ganga tells that her next pooja will be to carry fire pot to Goddess Amman.

Ganga's whole family carry water on their head chanting "Om Shakti Parashakti" with drums beatings. To add some comedy Amman Goddess spirit comes over on Vadivu's body, seeing this Ilavanchi too fakes of having the blessing of Amman.

The poojari at the temple is asked to put burning karpooram into the mouth of Ilavanchi to make the spirit to come down. Ilavanchi gets her mouth burnt.

Vandana and her senior visit Selva Kannan's house but Vandana again fails in her attempt to see Selva Kannan.

Ganga's mother-in-law and her sister's observe that Selva Kannan who was in a Coma condition finally shakes his finger showing the signs of recovery.

Gunashekar arranged black magician decides to go to Selava Kannan's house and give him a poisonous tablet. At the same time poojari at the temple cautions Ganga that something could happen in the house and tells her to rush to the house.

The black-magician visits Selvakannan's house and gives a Tantrik poisonous ball to swallow. The collector's body all over bubbles with wounds.

Doctors is called in and he tells that the condition of the collector is serious.

Ganga and his family are advised to go to a temple and lay the body there so that the bad effects go away.

The Tantrik says to Gunashekar that within 24 hours collector will die.

Thangam-Serial-465 - 22nd April 2011

Thangam-Serial-464 - 21st April 2011

Thangam-Serial-463 - 20th April 2011

Thangam-Serial-462 - 19th April 2011

Thangam-Serial-461 - 18th April 2011


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