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Maharani-E-227 to 246-14-10-10 to 11-11-10

The story now is hanging on and on with one character that is Devaraj. When once Devaraj comes to know that Rani is not his daughter then this character will have nothing to do further. Devaraj is the only guy who is now giving the protective cover to Rani. When this protective cover falls then the story will take a new turn and script will be written for the downfall of Rani.

Rani's birthday holds some surprises...

Whether Devaraj is going to give away his whole property to Rani on that day?

Whether Sandya attends the function along with Mahalaxmi?

Whether Sandya is going to declare that Mahalaxmi is her real daughter?

Whether Sandya is going to call in the Police and make the arrest of Rani?

Whether Manickam is successful in bringing the real parents of Rani to the function?

Whether Thopias is successful in ending the life of Yamuna?

All in all the story is now in its last leg when Rani will be on the run with the police behind her.


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