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Maharani - Episode - 192 to 213 - 25-8-10 to 23-9-10

Sandhya has now revealed to Yamuna that Rani is not her daughter. The secret has now known to five people. Sandhya, Prakash, Thopias, Mumtaz and Yamuna.

Soon it will be known to others and the honeymoon for Rani in Devaraj's house could be over. Then there could be misunderstanding between Thopias and Rani.

Sandhya wanted to stop the property to pass over to Rani but it is all over. The registration did take place in the absence of Rani.

How soon Devaraj realises that Rani is not his real daughter is what now the viewers are waiting for for the final on slaughts that will be let loose on Rani.


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