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Maharani-E-315 to 323-17-2-11 to 1-3-11

Rani comes to know through Mumtaj that Devaraj has written a will on her name bequeathing the whole wealth of Dev Associates. That was enough for Rani who had hitherto been under subdued condition after knowing that Devaraj had found who his real daughter is.

Rani asks Mumtaz to lure Topiaz with her love and find out where Topiaz has hidden the agreement that was signed between them to share equally Devaraj Associates properties.

Mumtaz is caught red-handed by Topiaz when she searches his office cabin.

Prakash and Mahalaxmi move together with dreams of marriage and love, now they have the support of the whole of the family and friends except Rani and Mumtaz.

Devaraj wants to sell some of the shares of his company but Rani stalls it. Devaraj and Yamuna questions her, Rani acts rudely with Yamuna and so Devaraj lifts his hand to slap Rani. Rani defends by catch holding of his hand with fire in her face.

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