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Maharani-E-247 to 254-12-11-10 to 23-11-10

Maharani Vijay TV Serial is running in a mini climax now. Rani is back with confidence to take on all her foes and the only support now that she has in her side is Mr.Devaraj. Devaraj has virtually came to this end that even if he comes to know that Rani is not his real daughter and that Mahalaxmi is his real daughter he may still prefer Rani to Mahalaxmi. He is in real love with Rani and his life is Rani now. He is not bothered to whom she is born but the love is great for him with his new found daughter. A situation has been created that even if Rani accepts that she is not the real one and Mahalaxmi is his real daughter Devaraj will still shower his love for Rani.

Now the story has to move and should be built in such a way to show us how this love bond of Mr.Devaraj towards Rani gets broken. Telling that she is impersonating Mahalaxmi will not work since he will not care what she is or has done.

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