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Nadaswaram - 204 to 210 -3-2-11 to 11-2-11

Story, Direction & Production :

M. Thirumurgan B.Sc., D.F.Tech.

Nadaswaram serial shown on SUN TV is catching up interest in every household.

The story so far:

Gopi the main character/hero of this episode falls in love with Malar and so does Malar.

There is one more girl Maha who loves Gopi.

Malar's younger sister falls into bad guys hands and is spoilt. But this fact is known only to Malar and Gopi.

The love of Gopi and Malar ends when Gokul marries Malar.

Gokul cannot digest the previous love life of Malar and so he tortures her.

Malar then says good bye to Gokul once for all but Gokul follows her and asks her to comeback. When everything fails he blackmails her showing the video of Rohini with the bad guys. Malar then is forced to go with him.

A reception is arranged and with the help of Gopi police is called in at the right time. Gokul is threatened by the police and is left without arrest on the request of Gopi.

The love between Gopi and Malar is not liked by many and so Gopi gives his consent for marrying Maha.


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