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Maharani-E-301 to 307-28-1-11 to 7-2-11

Rani calls for Mumtaz to hospital and makes a deal with her. Her job will be to make close and intimate friendship with Yamuna and Sandhya and at the right time to stop the marriage of Prakash with Mahalaxmi. The rate for this is Rs.100 crores. Mumtaz not believing Rani makes her sign papers for the agreed amount.

Rani also makes Anand to leave his wife Suja at Prakash's house. The condition to take back Suja is Prakash should marry Rani.

Devaraj calls Anand and offers him any amount to take back Suja, but Anand refuses.

The doctor says that Rani can get discharged from hospital.

At home Yamuna tells that it was God's punishment that got this suffering.

At Prakash house Sujatha refuses eating food. Prakash gets angry on her. He tells her that she has chosen this life with Anand. Prakash firmly tells that even if she dies he will never marry Rani. Suja then tells that only crossing over her death body Prakash can marry Rani.

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