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Maharani-E-283 to 290-4-1-11 to 14-1-11

Rani plays her cards well and fixes Prakash. Her first attempt fails when Suja and Anand ask Prakash to marry Rani to overcome the bad name created to the family. Now she plays the other card, she asks Suja whether she want to save her family life or Prakash's. Rani says that Suja has to device her own plans and convince Prakash to marry her. If Suja fails then Rani says she will without hesitation spoil her family life.

Thopias comes to know that for some reason Devaraj is still keeping Rani with him though he has said to Rani's real parents that he would send Rani with them in a later date.

Prakash says to Mahalaxmi that he will marry Maha alone and no one else. Prakash mother says that if Rani marries Prakash then she will commit suicide.

Rani once again asks Devaraj to go to Prakash's house and propose marriage and gets beating. She is further stunned when Devaraj says that he is not worried if she leaves the house.

Yamuna plays a drama with Mahalaxmi and makes her to break the secret that Devaraj knows that Maha is her daughter and not Rani.

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