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Maharani - Episode - 214 to 226 - 27-09-10 to 13-10-10

The serial shows though a successful businessman how foolish Devaraj is... in his family affairs. The episode now is running solely centered on this businessman's foolishness. Rani as we see was able to fool each and every person she came across. But all of them came to know her true colors and have raised their voice against her. The only person now left is Devaraj. Once Devaraj comes to know that Rani is not his daughter we have to see how Rani's fate is decided.

Rani is yet to murder someone. Once she does then it could be the end of her and the police could be behind her. The only person who helps her and guides her for wrong doings is Thopias, maybe he could become the first victim of Rani.

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