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Maharani-E-275 to 282-22-12-10 to 3-1-11

Devaraj shifts to his new house on the advise of his astrologer so that he never falls into troubles. But having gone into the new house he immediately is put into trouble.

It was alright to go into a business trip with a cunning lady. But you should be careful enough not to give in for her cunning plans. Prakash fails to see the trap and visits Rani's room. He just was there for 5 minutes but that was enough to build up a story and as he comes out he confronts the local police.

The police would have left them with a little enquiry but Rani plan was something else and she provokes the inspector to register an F.I.R. on them and produce them in court.

Devaraj suppresses these facts in his house and he is unable to do anything. His visit to the police station turns out futile as the inspector does not budge.

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