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Maharani-E-291 to 300-17-1-11 to 27-1-11

Rani was in full spirit she was overjoyed when she hears that Sandhya has gone on long leave. Thats itself was a victory for her. Prakash sat in the tribunal putting his head down and his hands on cheek. Right as expected the judgement was being delivered.

The judge went on telling that since all the evidence points to Prakash having sex with Rani it was only justifiable this Sandhya enters.

Sandhya brings along with her the Doctor whom it was told had given a certificate that Rani is sexually assaulted. The Doctor says that at that date and time she was not in her hospital and gone to attend a function for two days. She further says that no police had ever asked her to take a medical check-up of Rani and that she has never seen Rani.

Rani's whole build-up of the case tumbles like a pack of cards. Prakash's innocence is proved and it is decided that a case be filed against Rani for defamation.

Yamuna reveals to Devaraj that she knows about the secret that Devaraj knows.

Rani calls in Maha to the top floor of a upcoming building. There in the attempt to push Maha Rani herself falls from nearly 200 feet above to a cushion like but hard sand.


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