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Nadaswaram-E-211 to 220-14-2-11 to 25-2-11

The Episode - 211 starts with Pandi with a vengeance on Gopi takes out his knife from his back pocket and with a fierce look proceeds towards Gopi who is just closing the door of his shop.

Maha's brother who comes by touches Pandi's back and Pandi turns around with a shock. Maha's brother takes him for a drink. While taking drinks Pandi reveals that he will kill Gopi who is a stumble block between him and Maha.

Meanwhile Vanitha (Murthy's sister the would be Kamu) makes fun of Gopi. Maha and her brother come over there and Maha's brother tells them that Pandi is hell bent to kill Gopi and that he is a very bad guy.

Gopi does not believe this but Maha tells her brother to follow Pandi and inform of what he is doing.

Meanwhile Murthy's family comes over to Mahalingam's house to talk over the marriage fixations. Pandi reveals that one of their family member Selavarangam has left the house leaving behind his wife. He tells that he left because his mother had beat him. That was enough for the father of Murthy to call off the marriage.

Maha tries to explain him telling that Pandi had made advances on her with bad intentions When Selvarangam saved her by fighting with him. Mistaking that he is fighting with his son Pandi's mother had beat him without knowing the reason for the fight. She tells that Pandi is a bad guy.

This only takes still a bad turn....


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