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Maharani-E-255 to 263-24-11-10 to 6-12-10

Maharani is probably entering the climax part. Devaraj who was the only person supporting Rani now realises his mistake. Today's episode (24th Nov 2010) has been wholly dedicated to him. When the doctor says that Rani's blood does not have the DNA cells matching his and that she is not his daughter Devaraj comes into his senses and realises his folly.

He starts introspecting himself and realises that how everyone were trying to convince him that Rani is not his daughter. He also comes into his senses to know that Mahalaxmi is his daughter.

In that sense his first immediate visit was to see his daughter Mahalaxmi.

Mahalaxmi does feel that there is a change in the attitude of her father. Later Devaraj goes to his house and could not come out with his feelings with his wife. To tell sorry for his acts he symbolically drops and breaks a tea-cup and tells sorry again and again for the mistakes he has done. Yamuna thinks that he tells sorry for dropping the tea-cup. But she feels happy.

So what is in store for Rani now...

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