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Maharani-E-264 to 274-7-12-10 to 21-12-10

Devaraj is now acting as a true businessman. With the right advice of his lawyer he now probably is going to bring down his own company. Thus if bringing down his own company 'Devaraj Associates' is on one side the other part of the game is to grow another company parallel to it with some other name.

All these trouble is due to the will that Devaraj has registered in Rani's name. It has become a valid document after its Registration and cannot be made null and void. On the death of Rani her true parents too has a right over the will. If once the properties mentioned in the will is no more then it will become a useless will. Thus on the demise of the company -Devaraj Associates - a new company has to take rise in a new name, a transfer of wealth to the new company's name. Only then the huge wealth can go to Mahalaxmi. Fortunately Devaraj has not told about this fact to Rani that a will is in her name duly registered bequeathing the whole of the wealth associated with 'Devaraj Associates'.

A twist may come to the story when Rani comes to know about the will registered in her name.

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