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Written updates of Sindhu Bhairavi dated 17th Feb 2011

Written updates of Sindhu Bhairavi dated 17th Feb 2011

Written updates of Uttaran dated 29th Sep 2009

Episode - 174

Sindhu - Ichchha; Bhairavi - Tapasya.

Scene by scene dialogue is written taken out from the Tamil Version.

Sindhu shows her both hands to Bhairavi and Bhairavi looks hatingly the Mehandi in Sindhu's hand.

Bhairavi says, "this design will look more beautiful after it gets red, Veer's name written on it looks more beautiful."

"Thanks, Bhaiyu, you gave this idea for them to write Veer on my hand."

Bhairavi tells to herself, 'you are hesitating to marry Veer because he came to see me, now I give him to you, you marry him.'

"I like to thank you for another reason too, you had danced specially for me, you have shown everybody how important I am."

"Ahn, what happened, you are talking formally like a new friend. In friendship there should be no formality, correct!"

"This is not formality, it is my thanks coming out of my heart."

Sindhu then hugs Bhairavi and Bhairavi as a disgusted look whiie Sindhu smilingly says, I love you Bhaiyu."

"Love you too Sindhu."

A lady enters and asks Bhairavi, "sister shall I put Mehendi to you."

"Yes, yes, come. Sindhu, I will put Mehendi fast and then will talk with you."

"Yes, come quick."

Sindhu leaves and Bhairavi looks at the back of her angrily.

Jogi Thakur stands resting his hand on the back of a chair and he thinks about the engagement of Sindhu and Veer then his thoughts go back when he committed the accident due to which Dhamarai's husband died.

His thoughts dwells on, Dhamarai telling him, "you are not a human being, you are a murderer. The killer of my husband, If my daughter asks for her father what can I say to her?"

"Forgive me Dhamarai, I am standing as a accused, I know how you are suffering, I will make your daughter's life cherishing, I will give her all the happiness that's in this world."

"Her father should come out alive, answer me master, can you give back Sindhu's father's life."

Jogi Thakur comes back to the present and walks with these thoughts and sits in a sofa by the side of Divya.

Damarai enters and asks, "what master, you had called me telling that you want to talk with me."

Divya tells to Dhamarai, "Sit."


Divya catches the hand of Damarai, "come sit down."

Damarai sits on a bench like sofa.

Jogi asks, "hope you don't find any faults in Sindhu's marriage arrangements?"

"Master, in an unimaginable manner marriage works are being done in a splendid way. How can I?"

Jogi smiles, "as the marriage nears Sindhu's thoughts have become more, daily she is to sit on the footsteps and I used to teach her, my Sindhu who had recited the poem taught by me in the school, bravely driving the cycle, that little Sindhu." Jogi thinks the olden days and shakes his head with emotional smile.

Damarai smiles fully and says, "Master, afternoon you were not in the house, our Bhairavi danced very well, when I saw that I remembered the olden days." Looking towards Divya she asks, "Is it not so."

Divya shakes her head confirming.

Jogi smiles and tells, "once they both had gone out without saying anyone and had danced in the streets, do you remember, I had scolded them, within the time of closing and opening the eyes they have grown up, a girl who was talking childishly... tommorow she is going to become a princess. Only when our daughter goes to live in another house, we feel how fast these days are going by. Today Sindhu tommorrow Bhairavi."

Divya says, "If they both go, this house will become lonely."

Jogi asks, "Damarai, now I will ask you a favour."

"What sir, tell me what is that."

"I like to do Kanya Dhanam to Sindhu."

Damini emotionally with tears in her eyes tells, "Master you have all the rights to do it."

"No Damarai, If Sindhu's father had been there, in whatever grand fashion he would have conducted the marriage, I like to do it in the same way, this is the reason why I asked your permission, when I do the Kanya Dhanam of Sindhu your husband's soul will surely rest in peace. By doing this auspicious good work I like to lessen my sins that I have done."

"Master, whatever God thinks, only that happens in this world. God has written the fate that in her life only your love should be there that is why my husband..."

"That same God now wishes that I have to do Kanya Dhanam to one that is not born to me."

Damarai with high emotional weeping folds her both hands and falls in Jogi Thakur's feet.

Jogi Thakur holds her back and tells, "No Dhamarai, I am not the person having that greatness/status for you to fall in my feet."

Bhairavi sees her both hands with Mehandi in it. Grandmother comes over there.

"Bhaiyu, Mehandi is very beautiful to your hands."

"I liked this design very much and have selected this grandma."

"Somehow in the celebration of putting Mehandi in Sindhu's hand you also got the opportunity to put one. All is fate."

"Do you like this design or not?"

"Hmm, they have put beautifully."

"Don't you find a secret in this Mehandi, Grandma."

She takes a knife and peels of a portion of Mehandi.

"Bhaiyu, knife, what are doing keeping the knife."

"What do you see in this hand Grandma, don't you see that this looks like 'V' 'V' as for myself is only 'Veer,' who belongs to me alone." Telling that she kisses her hand."

"You can if you wish write that secretly in your hand and be happy. His name which was in your hand you have written it on Sindhu's life and inside yourself you are suffering. Hereinafter he belongs to her."

Bhairavi challenges, "Again I will make Veer as my own. Not only from her hand but If I do not remove him from her life itself, my name is not Bhairavi."

Grandmother stunningly looks on....

"No one is match for Veer except me on whom I have kept my life and heart. He is not in my hand only grandma, he has fully owned my heart."

Granmother's stunning looks goes on.

On the other side Sindhu brings both of her Mehandi hand in front of her face and as she is looking it she finds Veer (halunication) calling her by name.

She removes her hand and sees Veer before her.

"Veer, did you not see Mehandi applied."

"You first show your hand let me see how is it."

"No, after marriage I will show it."

"No, I want to see now only.'

"Veer, I have heard elders saying that, People marrying should not meet like this alone before marrying."

"Hmm show me your hand, please ma."

"Please listen what I am saying. Only after marriage you get rights to touch my hand, after that whole life we shall clasp our hands and live happily."

"Not before that?"

"Please don't compel me."


"Veer, I."

At this moment Sindhu comes to her real world and finds no Veer there.

She smiles to herself and once again takes her Mehandi applied hand before her face.

Pushkar enters his room with full of cash in his hands and keeps it in his bureau.

Rohini sees this and exitedly asks, "where did you get this much money?"

Pushkar closes her loud mouth.

"To lock your mouth even Dindigul lock may not be sufficient, full of bluberring mouth.

"You are scolding as if a murder is committed, how did you get this money is what I am asking? Whether these money fully belongs to us." with excitement she asks.

"Can I believe that You will not tell to anyone."

"I swear not to."

"What shall I do, for this servants marriage... sister is taking out my life. I did not do this much of work to her own marriage. She asks me to Go to mantap and give advance, give money to ration shop, go and look for flowers, give money to decoration. Talking and giving money to each of these people I get fully worn out."

Rohini shouts aloud, "Then all these money are to be given to these people?"

Puskar catch holds of her hand and tells her, "why do you shout like this, if you shout once more then you will not have throat itself to shout. Don't you have any bones in your head? Did I not tell you not to open your mouth unnecessarily."

Rohini gets frightened, "Sorry, I did it without knowing, if I get just time to time food and clothing that is enough, you do anything, I am going."

Puskar tells to himself, "My fate will be so worse I did not think so, to accumulate money patience is must."

Bhairavi Sindhu and Sindhu's kuppam friend Kokki are seated in a room.

Kokki asks Bhairavi, "Bhairavi sister can you show your mehandi?

"Hmm, after it dries I will show, why you have not yet applied mehandi?"

Sindhu sees something in Bhairavi's hand and asks...

"Bhaiyu, what is in your hand?"


"You show me your hand for a minute."

Sindhu takes sponge from Bhaiyu's hand and asks her, "what is this, if you have this how will your hand become red?"

A driver calls out, "Koki you are called downstairs a vehicle is going till kuppam."

"OK Sindhu shall I go and come afterwards?"

"Yes, I will come to leave you till the car."


The three of them are coming down the stairs together.

Koki asks, "Sindhu, why are you simply touching Mehandi, if it has to become red tommorrow morning you should not touch it."

Sindhu blows the Mehandi and moves on seeing it. Bhairavi stares at her happy mood and thinks how at her younger days she had broken the cycle of Sindhu.

"Do you know one thing Sindhu? Our school children have joined together and are making a number of beautiful things for you."

"Is it, what gift they are going to give?"

"I do not know, but when I saw those it looked similar to the dolls you made for Katputili drama. Really I tell you Veer's house is like a palace Sindhu, how many servants are there in their house, the watchman in their house had asked us so many questions and if it was not Bhaiyu's grandma then he would not have allowed us inside."

Bhairavi stares jealously and then fakes falling. Sindhu holds her hands to save her from falling. Bhairavi lefts out a cunning smile.

"Bhaiyu, what happened Bhaiyu."

"Nothing Sindhu, my leg twisted."

"Can't you move your leg, wait I will call the doctor."

Kokki calls out, "Sindhu, what are you doing... your Mehandi."

Sindhu suddenly realising lifts her hands to her face and then goes on seeing the mehandi.

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