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Episode-158 to 174 - 6-7-10 to 30-7-10

It is only today (6-7-10) in real terms Sandhya gets convinced that Mahalaxmi is her real daughter. Today's episode is an important episode to see. Especially the last scene is treat to watch.

Sandhya prays on Nirmala's Atma to show who her real daughter is. Then comes the thunder and storm which turns the diary page and leaves it open right there... where Mahalaxmi had written a moving emotional outputs of hers... when she was about to leave the house forever.

Sandhya reads the emotional writings signed by Mahalaxmi and then she gets convinced that Mahalaxmi is her real daughter.

Some feelings that she has been fooled goes through her mind, feeling of love on her real daughter outbursts for the first time. She decides to keep her real daughter to herself. Maybe she will not reveal this so that Devaraj takes her away. Maybe on the other side Devaraj himself may come to know this in another way. it will be interesting to watch.

Rightly she has decided to move cautiously enough keeping the secret to herself. How about she is going to deal with the matter (being a leader herself of women cause) is to be seen.

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