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Uttaran - Episode - 216 to 220 - 27 Nov 09 to 2 Dec 09

Divya knowing the high love Jogi Thakur has on Ichchha and Damini and they have on Jogi sends them first to see Jogi Thakur inside the intensive care unit.

Ichchha and Jogi share their father and daughter love silently for sometime and then Ichchha calls Papa. Jogi Thakur again asks forgiveness for what has been done to her. It also could mean that he does not want them to leave Haveli.

Damini then tells Jogi that she will never leave Haveli. She tells Ichchha will remain with him only.

Thakur Baldev Singh is having his own secret life and catching hold of that secret Tej Singh plays havoc in Thakur Baldev Singh's Haveli. He brings back Vansh from hospital who is a drug addict. He instigates him to take more drug right in front of Veer.

Veer asks everyone his father Takur Umed Singh, his grandfather Thakur Baldev Singh and his mother Gunavathi but no one is ready to reveal the secret.

Tej Singh who is just released from jail goes on extracting more and more money from Thakur Baldev Singh.

Tapasya tries to talk to Veer but he neglects her as always and decides to go to America far away from Tapasya.

Thakur Baldev Singh goes to give the promised 5 Lakhs rupees to Tej Singh, Veer follows him secretly behind the car and as the Thakur leaves Tej Singh, Veer goes and stands before Tej Singh. On his part Veer too gives all the money that he has in his pocket, his watch and chain to know Tej Singh's credentials. Tej singh says he is the illegitimate son of Thakur Baldev Singh. Veer's anger look turns into a probing and stunned look. And then with return of anger he returns to Haveli and shouts loud 'Thakur Baldev Singh.

Veer strikes Baldev Singh with his words. Thakur Baldev Singh then goes isolated in his room. Umed Singh, Veer's father says to Veer that his love is most wanted towards his grandfather.

Veer finds in Vansh that he needs more love and care to get reformed. Hence he decides to skip going to America. Thakur Baldev Singh says that he is happy to renounce the family's burden on Veer and relax himself.

Uttaran - Episode - 216 to 220 - 27 Nov 09 to 2 Dec 09- Playlist Videos


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