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Maharani - Episode-132 - 145 - 17th May 2010 - 8th June 2010

Maharani Serial shown in Vijay TV has been running successfully with more people viewing it and discussing about it.

In this serial it was good to see the evil getting some punishments. The story and script writer has woven the story scripts perfect. It is pleasure to watch this serial. A serial will fail with the audience if the villain character wins continuously. A serial will also lose viewers if the main character like the hero or heroine continuously gets battered and suffers.

On Friday the 21st May 2010 Maharani's Malayalam version Ente Manasaputri came to an end. What I saw in the last episode was awesome. A spell-bound climax ending. At the end of that episode we are left aghast and different viewers would have their own feelings at the end of it.

There was satisfaction that we had seen a good serial. After drawing the curtains down to the serial the director should have left it like that but he continued showing how the shooting was done and showed the characters laughing etc in the shooting spot. This needs to be avoided since we are brought back to the world from the climax ending. Lets the viewers be left aghast and spellbound seeing the climax.

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